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Modular Lab Furniture

Customised to your requirement

Fume Hoods

Benchtop, Floor models, Walk-in

Spot Extractors

Fume extraction systems

Stability chamber_edited.jpg

Stability Chambers

Stability chambers, walk-in Stability chambers, Photostability chambers

Lab Oven

Lab Ovens, Vacuum Ovens


Fast and assured sterilization

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Safety cabinet.jpeg
Lab vacuum pump_edited.png

Biosafety Cabinets

Hyzone Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Safety storage Cabinets 

For flammables, combustibles, hazardous material, corrosives, pesticides.

Vacuum pumps, Peristaltic pumps

A wide variety of application based pumps, local & imported.

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Female Scientist Using Microscope

Spectroscopy products

Visible, UV-vis, single beam, double beam Spectrophotometers, Nano photometers, pre-programmed photometers.

Electrochemistry Products

pH, Ion, TDS, Conductivity, DO, multi-parameter instruments. Laboratory, portable & on-line models.


Microscopes for various applications, camera, software.

Scientist in the Lab

Viscometers & Rheometers

Viscometers & Rheometers for a wide range of applications.

Weighing solutions

Analytical balances.

Liquid handling products

Single & multichannel Pipettes, Dispensers, Digital burettes, Pipette controllers, accessories.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Petri Dish

Chromatography consumables

HPLC columns, Syringe filters, PEEK finger tight fitting, PEEK tubing, Solvent extraction kit. Vials, septa, GC columns, Syringes & Needles, TLC plates, TLC twin trough, Visualiser, HPTLC products.

Glassware & Plasticware

Complete range of Volumetric, non-graduated glassware and plasticware.


Culture media products

Karl Fisher.png

Karl Fischer apparatus

Volumetric, Coulometric.

Lab Water purification 

Lab water purification systems with accessories for various applications

Cleanroom furniture

Stainless Steel Crossover benches, Cabinets, Lockers, Table, Workbench, Tanks, Buckets, Chairs, Dustbin, Pallets, Trolleys, Sieve inspection table

SS316L Beakers.jpeg
Temp strips.jpg

SS 316L Customised products

SS 316L Customised products, Beakers, Scoops etc

Research Chemicals

Research chemicals for synthetic organic chemistry, materials chemistry, bioscience and analytical science.

Temperature indicating strips

Temperature Indicating Strips have a wide variety of uses in quality control and preventive maintenance at all levels in Industry.